Top 3 Spots in Hobart, Tasmania That Every Nature Lover Should Check Out

Hobart, Australia
Hobart, Australia. Photo by Spencer Chow on Unsplash

Natural wonders are scattered all around Tasmania and its capital city is home to quite a few. You don’t even have to step outside of Hobart to discover its natural beauty, visiting these three amazing spots on the city grounds is a good place to start.

Mount Wellington

Hobart is located at the foot of Mount Wellington, a 4,170-foot mountain that you shouldn’t miss during your visit. The cliff of dolerite columns known as the Organ Pipes is one of its most distinctive features, but Mount Wellington is also worth checking out for its many trails and lookouts offering amazing views.

Zoodoo Zoo

Some nature lovers try to avoid zoos because they’re not comfortable looking at animals in cages, but Zoodoo Zoo offers a different kind of experience. Conservation of biodiversity is their main mission and the zoo is well-known for its close encounters with both native and exotic animals.

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Australia is home to many breathtaking botanical gardens, and this is one of the very best. It’s been around for over two centuries and covers an enormous area of 14 hectares. It’s best known for its historic plant collections, but it’s also home to a restaurant, souvenir shop, and a gallery showcasing local artists.