4 Tips for Having the Best Time in Las Vegas as a First-Time Visitor

Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo by Grant Cai on Unsplash

Las Vegas, Nevada, is truly a special place. Everything here is tailor-made to entertain tourists and visitors and the city really never sleeps. There is something to do here at any point of day or night. However, this also can be overwhelming for first-time visitors, and they end up having fewer fun experiences than they thought they would have. To avoid this happening to you, check out some tips on how to have the best time in Las Vegas as a first-time visitor.

Avoid Visiting for Weekends or Holidays

Las Vegas is a weekend and holiday getaway for the entire United States. If you choose to visit then, you will probably get lost in the sea of tourists and visitors while waiting in line for everything. Instead, aim for your visit during workdays if that is an option. You’ll have a much better experience and will be able to explore the city hassle-free.

Book in Advance If You Want to Check Out Something

Don’t expect that you can just walk in and buy a ticket for a show in Las Vegas. These shows are all sold out well before the scheduled date in most cases. So instead of missing out, book your place or a ticket in advance. You can also do the same for most other Las Vegas tourist attractions.

Use Public Transportation Instead of Walking

This might seem like an odd one at first, but it will serve you well. While lots of attractions and points of interest may seem within walking distance, they are not. Everything is farther than it looks, and you don’t want to get exhausted from walking in Las Vegas. So instead, take public transportation (or an Uber) whenever you can.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Everything in Las Vegas is inviting you to spend money. This is why setting a budget and sticking to it is the best decision you can make. Yes, you want to have fun. But you probably don’t want to run your entire bank account to the ground.