5 Affordable Accommodation Options for People Who Hate Hostels

Hostel dorm room
Photo by Nicate Lee on Unsplash

Hostels are often hailed as the most affordable accommodation option on the market, but not everyone enjoys staying in one. If you’ve given them a try and they simply aren’t your cup of tea, here are five accommodation options that you should try instead.


Couchsurfing is the most popular hospitality exchange service in the entire world and it allows you to stay with locals all over the world, free of charge.


If you’re hitting the road in spring or summer, camping is your best bet. You might spend extra money on your baggage so you could bring your tent, but it will be worth it since you’ll get to sleep underneath the stars.

Family Visits

If you have family or friends living in a foreign country, you can use your trip to spend some time together and they might even invite you to stay over if they have room.


Renting private accommodation will never be cheaper than staying in a hostel dorm, but Airbnb is generally cheaper than hotels, so make sure to give it a try.

Affordable Destinations

Your accommodation will be as affordable as the destination you pick. If you don’t want to stay at a hostel, opt for cheaper destinations where you won’t break the bank renting an apartment.