5 Face Masks You Need For Frequent Fliers

Photo by Engin_Akyurt on Pixabay

Travel is exciting, but it can do damage to your pores and overall appearance. Sitting in stale air for hours can cause inflammation, and lack of access to a truly clean facility where you can wash your face calls for a face mask or two once you reach your destination.

Glow Recipe: Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask – $45

This mask is gentle and calming, good for all skin types. Its formula is pillow-proof, allowing you to apply it before bed and wear it throughout the night so you wake up to refreshed skin. It contains AHAs which remove dead, rough skin cells, soothing watermelon extract, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin.


Fresh: Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask – $58

While it is mainly used as a mask, Fresh’s triple threat product can also be used as a cleanser or spot treatment. This mask contains a unique astringent used for cleaning the pores: Sandalwood oil, as well as a combination of chamomile flower and lavender water to soothe the skin. If you do use it as a mask, only apply it 1-2 times a week as it provides a heavy-duty clean.


Lush: Mask of Magnaminty – $15

A face and body mask that makes you feel instant results? Sign us up! Mask of Magnaminty is made with Kaolin clay, peppermint oil, ground aduki beans, vanilla absolute, and honey to both deep clean and soothe tired, clogged skin.


Dr. Jart+: Shake & Shot Rubber Mask, Hydro – $12

This single use rubber mask comes in a whimsical slurpee cup-style container. It’s fun to wear, and produces instant results. The hydro mask contains vitamin B5 and an Expert Moist Complex, delivering moisture to the surface of your skin.


Herbivore: Blue Tansy AHA+BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask – $48

While its title leaves nothing up to the imagination, Herbivore’s most popular mask is clarifying and cooling, full of blue tansy oil (a natural anti-inflammatory that calms irritated skin and reduces redness), white willow bark, and AHAs found in papaya and pineapple that exfoliate, and decongestant aloe leaf. This powerhouse combination will make you look like you just stepped out of the spa!