There’s a Secret Burger Joint in THIS Location!

Photo by been_there_eaten_that on Instagram

Le Parker Meridien. Sounds fancy, right? Their New York hotel, The Parker – a dazzling accommodation space next to Central Park – is carefully designed so any guest will feel pampered. But if you walk towards the back of the atrium, you’ll find a peculiar curtain that unveils a whole different side of the high-class brand.

If you look behind the maroon curtain, you’ll be greeted by a dark hallway with a neon burger sign at the end.

As long as you’re not afraid of the dark, walk down the hallway and you’ll find yourself in a joint that serves up generous, juicy burgers, along with a host of desserts, shakes, and sides.

It may look a little sloppy compared to its elaborate exterior, but the Burger Joint’s customer-decorated walls are what makes it so homey and welcoming. Leave your own mark with your signature or graffiti. They also have a simple menu, so if you expect truffle oil on your meat, go somewhere else.

The Burger Joint is one of the most special, no-frills restaurants in the city. Just make sure you have cash and an appetite.