5 Great Theme Parks you Must Visit in the UK

Legoland, Berkshire. Photo by Dave Catchpole/Flickr

The UK has some surprisingly great theme parks for fun seekers and adrenaline searchers alike. Some of the parks boast original coasters which are worldwide competitors, like Thorpe Park’s “Stealth”, which was Europe’s fastest coaster when it opened in 2006.

Here are five of the best.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Lancashire

There are over 125 rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. You pay to enter and then buy tokens for the rides you want to go on. Top attractions include the wooden coaster “The Grand National” and “The Big One”, which is the UK’s tallest roller coaster.

Alton Towers, Staffordshire

Alton Towers has a wide range of thrills, catering for children and thrill seekers alike. Top attractions include “The Smiler” and the new virtual reality coaster “Galactica”.

Legoland, Berkshire

Very kid friendly but fun for the entire family. Legoland has a wide range of rides and attractions that cannot be missed.

Chessington World of Adventures, Surrey

A family-friendly theme park with a zoo. The suspended roller coaster “Vampire” which swings you through treetops is a big hit.

Thorpe Park, Surrey

Thorpe Park is famous for its thrill rides. The park boasts 6 fantastic roller coasters including the world’s first horror-themed ride “SAW: The Ride” and the all-new The Walking Dead coaster.