5 Hungarian Dishes To Die For

Photo by Daniel Olah on Unsplash

Hungary is a small, beautiful country located in Central Europe, and it is famous for many things: tricky language, the lake Balaton – the biggest lake in Europe, breath-taking landscapes, red boots, relaxing spas and bathhouses, tasty wines and of course its cuisine. If you have never been to Hungary, traveling to this amazing country should be on your bucket list! And if you ever decide to buy a traveling ticket, we are presenting the 5 most popular Hungarian dishes that you must try while staying there.

Hungarians, before the big migration, were originally living in the Middle East, and because of their nomadic lifestyle and rich history, their cuisine is now a mouth-watering mixture of European, Middle Eastern, and Asian food.


Goulash is Hungary’s national dish, a stew of beef, carrots, onions, seasoned with paprika, often prepared outdoor in a traditional cauldron – just like their nomad ancestors used to do. Paprika is Hungary’s trademark and it is so popular, that there are even museums dedicated to it.



It is one of the most popular Hungarian dishes, a deep-fried dough, made from a mixture of water or milk, flour, yeast, sugar, and salt. You can eat it without any toppings, or you can put on sour cream, grated cheese or you can just rub it with garlic butter.


Cherry soup

Another Hungarian specialty, a soup made from sour cherries. Sounds strange? Not in Hungary! One more interesting fact: it is served cold!


Plum dumplings

Not-so-easy-dish-to-make. Why? Because it requires patience. It is a dish of boiled potato-dough dumplings filled with plums, rolled in fried breadcrumbs and sugar. It can be also filled with other fruits or for example Nutella, but then it is Nutella dumpling.


Cabbage roll

Cooked cabbage leaves stuffed with meat filling, beef, lamb or pork and seasoned with spices, garlic, and onion. It is often cooked in tomato sauce.