Things You Can Experience Only In The Gobi Desert

The Gobi Desert is a true wonder of nature, lies in the territory of China and Mongolia. It is the largest desert in Asia, but it ranks only as 5th in the entire world. Gobi Desert isn’t a typical hot desert full of sand, but a real mystery. Here are the things you can only experience in this Asian beauty.

There Is Almost No Sand

The Gobi desert is famous for its mysterious geography and climate. Believe it or not, most of its land isn’t sandy. 95% of the deserts territory is covered by rocky mountains, grasslands, and steppes. There are also many underground and surface rivers as well.

Rapid Changes Of Temperature

While staying in the Gobi Desert, you can experience extreme rapid changes of temperature from −40 °C to 45 °C, within a day. This Asian jewel is one of a kind: between January and February snow may acquire on the sand dunes as well.

Dinosaur Egg

Gobi Desert is the home to many early mammal fossils, hardened dinosaur footprints and even the first dinosaur eggs were found here.

You Can See Snow Leopards

Don’t be surprised if you see a snow leopard munching on a gazelle. Another thing Gobi desert is special about is its various animal species: bears, camels, golden eagles, they all can be seen there.