5 of the World’s Top Sailing Destinations

Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

Newport, Rhode Island, recognized as the “Sailing Capital of the World,” offers distinctive New England charm and gorgeous beaches where it’s easy to park and launch a boat.  Make sure to check out notable Newport mansions while you’re there, such as The Elms and The Breakers.

Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular destination. It offers miles of coastline for sailors to explore and numerous islands with exquisite beaches. Fishing is very popular in Croatia and if you fancy fishing, check out spots such as Elfati and Kornati.

The Grenadines are known as the Spice Islands and are made up of 32 individual islands. A popular yachting spot is Princess Margaret Beach. Experience friendly people, beautiful scenery and explore 60 miles of the magical South Caribbean.

Catalina Island, California has crystal clear water, allowing you to see shipwrecks and aquatic life beneath the surface. Two Harbors is a popular sailing spot where you can tie up your boat and visit the village for a meal.

French Polynesia consists of four individual groups of islands, spread across 70 miles of the South Pacific. Tropical lagoons teaming with life, waterfalls, black and white sandy beaches and volcanic peaks make this a truly special destination.