5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tel Aviv

Photo by Adam Jang on Unsplash

If you think New York is the city that never sleeps, try coming to Tel Aviv. Wether it’s to eat good food, party all night, relax on a beach or just meet new people – Tel Aviv has it all! With its friendly locals and chill vibes, you’ll have nothing but a good time!

The food

Tel Aviv is a paradise for foodies! From phenomenal chef restaurants to Middle Eastern street food to chill and trendy brasseries, you can find it all! The list of good places are endless, but an absolute must is Port Said. This restaurant has a no reservation policy, and the wait is long but so worth it! Experience the true Tel Avivian lifestyle by going to Port Said on a Thursday night and do not forget to get their incredible roast beef carpaccio!

The People

Their chill vibe and no drama policy will make you love Tel Aviv even more. Tel Avivians are the most laid back people you will ever meet, who truly know how to enjoy life. If you ever need help, whether its restaurant recommendations or a ride to the airport, these friendly locals are always here to lend a hand!

It loves everyone

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Happy #pride_day! #Tel Aviv gay pride parade

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Tel Aviv is famous for being a super open, gay-friendly liberal city. Serving as the unofficial Middle East gay capital, you can be whoever you want to be in Tel Aviv! The gay parade, which takes place in June every year, is also a highly anticipated event for all Tel Avivians, where together they celebrate equality and love.

The beaches

One thing is for sure: You will never find a beach like the one in Tel Aviv. The shores are perfect for everything, from simply tanning, to playing the famous Israeli beach game matkot (very similar to beach tennis). The beach represents the Tel Avivian society very well: Alive and laid back at the same time!

The Nightlife

Tel Aviv’s nightlife is well-known all over the world, especially when the city goes crazy for gay pride week! Whether you like commercial music or deep house, there is a bar, a club or a house party that will be just right for you, where you can dance yourself silly until the sun comes up. A go-to club for those who love afterparties is The Breakfast Club, which only starts at 3am.