Cowboy in Paradise

Photo by Dmitri Yakovlev on Unsplash

Hacienda de San Antonio is a luxury ranch in Colima, Mexico and is perfect for a romantic getaway or family vacation with plenty of activities for all ages. The hacienda is a higher budget journey and is not for the frugal traveller. But if decadence and pure relaxation is what you are looking for, the Hacienda de San Antonio is your paradise.

There are countless of things to do around the grounds for different interests and energy levels. The hacienda is equipped with an eighteen-hole golf course, guided hikes, horseback riding and paddle boating.

The food at Hacienda de San Antonio is noteworthy and there are multiple restaurants serving food cultivated on the ranch property. You can choose to take one of the hacienda’s perfectly curated picnic baskets that is perfect for a romantic sunset viewing.

Also if you are a foodie or interested in how the ranch works, you can also milk the cows, take an informational cheese and coffee tour, or go on the guided ranch driving tour.

If you would rather relax and sit out the tours, there are beautiful suites to relax in, including views overlooking the ranch and perfectly tended gardens!