5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Elizabeth Quay While in Perth, Australia

Elizabeth Quay, Australia
Photo by Lisa Gageler on Unsplash

Elizabeth Quay is Perth’s beating heart, and it became one of its most popular attractions for a reason. The visit to this Australian metropolis is incomplete unless you check it out and enjoy its many delights—starting with these five.

Modern Architecture

Perth’s modern architecture will leave you in awe, and there’s no better place to explore it than Elizabeth Quay. It’s home to many amazing sculptures and it offers breathtaking views of Perth’s skyline.

Culture & Art

If you’re in the mood to explore Perth’s art and cultural scene, Elizabeth Quay won’t leave you disappointed. Many events and festivals are hosted on its ground throughout the year, and Perth Cultural Centre is located in close proximity.

Family Friendly Fun

If you’re traveling to Perth with your whole family, Elizabeth Quay is suitable for visitors of all ages. It offers a wide range of attractions where your kids can let off some steam, from playgrounds to water parks.

Food Bonanza

You can discover many culinary delights while exploring Elizabeth Quay since it’s home to some of the best street food and dining options in the entire city.

Riverside Fun

Elizabeth Quay is an epic gateway to the Swan River, and it offers a wide range of riverside activities you can enjoy, including river cruises and ferry rides.