5 Things You Can Only Buy In Morocco

Photo by Badder Manaouch on Unsplash

Choosing the right souvenir which will truly portray the spirit of the country you visited is not always an easy task.

Magnets for the fridge are usually the go-to souvenir but why not step up your game and bring home a unique gift?

If your next destination is Morocco, a beautiful, breath-taking country located in North Africa, well, you are lucky. Due to the mixture of rich culture and civilization, amazing things can be seen and bought there.

Argan Oil

Morocco is home to pure argan oil, a light, nutty oil extracted from the kernels of the argan tree. Made by the locals in the traditional Berber way and often used in culinary or for cosmetics purposes.


Babouche is a traditional Moroccan shoe. The colorful slippers would be a perfect gift.

Rugs and carpets

Another must-bring-home souvenir. Moroccan hand-made rugs come in all colors, patterns, and shapes.



If you or your loved one adores colorful things, then a hand-painted ceramics would be a perfect gift. It will surely give your home a pop of Morocco.


Bringing back home a Moroccan spice is truly a must. Markets offer palettes of colorful spices to choose from. You should stock up on Ras El Hanout, a complex mix of spices. This mix won’t be always the same, it will vary from shop to shop.