Ways to Take Photos of Yourself While Traveling Solo (that aren’t a Selfie)

Photo by Sean DuBois on Unsplash

You’ve decided to travel by yourself but you are worried that the only photos that appear on your camera will be of buildings, landscapes, food, and none of your face. Well, no worries, because these are the best ways to take a photo of yourself while traveling solo.


It is the easiest way to capture a pic of yourself. All you need is a flat surface to put your camera or phone. But if you want to bring your pictures to the next level, invest in a tripod. The most suitable tripod for travelers is the lightweight and compact gorilla tripod.


Burst mode

Burst mode allows you to take up to 20 photos with a single tap on the shutter button. Ready, steady, go! Let the best picture find its way to Instagram!

Random body parts

You don’t need your whole body in the photo to prove that you were there. Take a snap of your feet, hand, half face, etc.

Video screenshot

Record a video of yourself, pause it and take a screenshot. Warning: These photos might not be the sharpest and the most high-quality ones you ever had, but no worries, filters are here to save the day! Or in this case, your photographs.

Friendly strangers

If you aren’t satisfied with the photos that you took by yourself, you can always use the good old “Ask a stranger” method.