5 Tips for Staying Safe on Couchsurf

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Couchsurf is a wonderful app that allows you to not only enjoy free accommodations, but, more importantly, connects you with new friends so you can learn about the life of a local, from a local.

Although the app is widely use, many people naturally feel nervous about Couchsurfing for the first time. Here are some tips for staying safe.


Choose Verified Hosts

Verified hosts have proven that they have an address, phone number, bank account and hold the identity they say they do. Essentially, if a host is verified you can be confident that they are a real person.

Read Reviews

As a young female, I tend to contact hosts who have 20+ good reviews, so that I can feel more comfortable that they are indeed who they say they are. Have a read through reviews and go with someone who has had a lot of positive feedback for your first surf.

Meet In Public

Request to meet your host in a public space. This way, you can judge how comfortable you feel in their company before you go to their house.

Tell Your Friends Where You Are Staying

Whenever you Couchsurf, you should always make sure that at least one person knows where you are. That way, if on the rare chance there is any trouble, someone knows where you last were.

Check The Area For Hostels

Finally, as a precautionary step, check the area for hostels or hotels. This means that if you do find yourself feeling uncomfortable, you know you have a backup.

These steps will all help you stay safe on an app that brings people together and helps new friendships blossom all over the world. Couchsurf is a well-trusted, established app, so the above advice really is just for your own peace of mind.