Top 5 Astonishing Museums in Europe

Photo by Suraj Patil on Unsplash

There are hundreds of museums in Europe, but some of them shine brighter than all the others. Here are five museums which are not to be missed.

The Louvre, Paris

The Louvre boasts an extremely impressive collection of artifacts from all over the world. The Egyptian rooms are particularly wonderful, and both kids and adults will find something that wows them here.

The Vatican, Rome

The Vatican is the most lavish, visually stunning museum on this list. Not only does it contain a huge and impressive collection of historical artifacts, it contains entire rooms painted by Raphael, and the Sistine Chapel contains the work of Michelangelo.

The Acropolis Museum, Athens

The Acropolis museum is filled with archaeological finds dating back to ancient Athens. You can admire the Parthenon Frieze and the floors are transparent so you can walk over history as well as through it.

The British Museum, London

If you want to see the original pieces of the Parthenon, though, you’ll have to head to the British Museum in London. You will also find 8 million other objects, and the Rosetta Stone.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Just shy of a million objects fill the biggest museum in the Netherlands. It contains paintings from some of the most accomplished artists in European history, and you can admire “The Night Watch” by Rembrandt here too.