Awesome Things To Do at Joshua Tree National Park

Photo by James & Carol Lee on Unsplash

Joshua Tree National Park is not only about trees. There are so many amazing activities you can do there, while also enjoying vistas of unique nature. If you are huge on open spaces, hikes, and adventures in nature, this is the location you should visit next.

Visit The Hall Of Horrors

These are stunning halls made from parallel rocks, and a must-visit location in Joshua Tree National Park. You’ll see many climbers, so you can take a minute and admire the view.

See The Joshua Trees

Well, this one is a given. The national park was actually named by the Joshua Trees that are a very common sight over there. You will really be fascinated by the shapes and forms of these amazing trees, so make it your first activity.

Try Out Rock Climbing

Climbers from everywhere travel here to enjoy a great rock climb. Since the whole national park is an adventure, why not try this activity. There are many small rocks that will make things much easier for you.

Check Out The Rock Formations

The whole Joshua Tree National Park offers views of stunning rock formations. There are small, medium and huge ones that really stand out. Some are so awesome they actually have names.