5 Unique Experiences You Can Have In Myanmar

Bagan, Myanmar
Photo by Yves Alarie on Unsplash

Myanmar is a treasure trove in South Asia. It is often left off the popular tourist routes and yet it boasts stunning landscapes and remarkable culture. Here are some of the unique experiences you can only have in this beautiful country.

Werawsana Jade Pagoda

The Werawsana Jade Pagoda is the world’s only pagoda made entirely from Myanmar’s lucrative gemstone. It is breathtaking to behold.

Snake Pagoda of Myanmar

The Snake Pagoda is home to several large pythons who live coiled around the pagoda’s Buddha statue. When the snakes originally found their way to the temple, they were considered holy and have been taken care of since.

Minbu Mud Volcanoes

Mud volcanoes are formed from methane gas trapped beneath the ground. When the pressure pushes through, a volcano is created. Fortunately, these volcanoes are not hot to touch so you can get up close.


Visiting Bagan is a must if you visit Myanmar. More than 2,000 ancient temples can be found here dotted along the Myanmar landscape. For an even more mesmerizing experience, view them from a hot air balloon.

Kakku Pagodas

The Kakku Pagodas are a lesser-known spread of temples in Myanmar. They may be frequently left off the tourist trail, but they are truly exceptional.