Visit Tashirojima Island in Japan, Also Known as Cat Island

The Tashirojima Island in Japan doesn’t have many people living in it, however, it’s a paradise for cats and anyone who loves cats. Thousands of stray cats live on this island in the Miyagi prefecture where they are free to walk and explore whatever they want. They’re fed and taken care of by the community that lives on the island. The Tashirojima inhabitants believe that cats bring good luck and that luck doubles when they feed them.

If you were wondering, there are no dogs on the islands. The visitors aren’t allowed to bring dogs at all. The island cats are nobody’s pets. They are feral and do just fine on their own, but people still feed them regularly.

Everybody’s welcome to take a ferry to the island to see and feed the cats. There are currently only around 100 people living on the island and they’re largely outnumbered by the cats. The cats are used to being fed by people, but it’s not uncommon for a bunch of them to approach someone who came bringing food.