5 Ways to Save Money While Visiting Rome, Italy

Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Colosseum, Rome, Italy. Photo by David Köhler on Unsplash

Most travel enthusiasts are cautious about how much money they spend during their trips. A dollar saved on one trip is a dollar you can invest in another trip. And saving money while visiting Rome, Italy, can challenging because of the city’s numerous tourist attractions. The entry fees quickly add up and you can blow past your budget limit in no time. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Drink Coffee Standing Up

Most bars and coffee shops will charge you a service fee if you decide to sit down and enjoy your cup of coffee. Instead of paying for it, just drink your coffee standing up. Or even better, get a coffee to go and enjoy it while sitting in a park.

Use Public Transportation

Rome has cheap and efficient public transportation and you should definitely take advantage of that. You might need some time to figure out how everything works, but it is a lot better option than taxis or tourist buses.

Hunt for Discounts

If you are looking to hit as many museums and tourist attractions as possible while in Rome, then any kind of discount will serve you well. Some museums offer lower-priced tickets (or free entry) for certain days of the week, while others give discounts based on age or other factors. You can also buy passes that will give you a discount for certain attractions.

Watch Where You Eat

Sure, getting a full-course meal in a fancy restaurant sounds great, but that is really not what you want to do in Rome. Eating out will dry out your bank account quickly, so we recommend getting your food at supermarkets. Also, the local bakeries, sandwich shops, and pizza spots are quite affordable and offer filling food.