5 Weekend Getaways You Can Enjoy with Your Entire Family This Fall

Photo by Brooke Rice on Unsplash

Finding time for travel as a family isn’t easy, especially once fall arrives. Your kids won’t get a lot of time off during the school year, but you can still put an effort into planning a fun weekend getaway—and we’re bringing you five amazing ideas to get you started.

Road Trips

Road trips are the most obvious choice for the fall weekend getaway. Make sure that the weather is nice, opt for a destination that’s around an hour or two away from home, and get ready to hit the road!

Camping Bonanza

When embarking on a road trip, you don’t necessarily have to head back home the same day. Find a local campsite where you can spend the night under the stars with your little ones.

Train Adventures

Most families can’t imagine exploring the world without a car, but driving is not a must. Switch the gears and help your kids get a new appreciation of fall scenery by taking them on a picturesque train ride.

Exploring Nature

From zoos and botanical gardens to nature reserves and national parks, your home country probably offers many natural wonders you can explore this fall.

Local Events

Fall is also a great time to explore countless kid-friendly events in your local area, such as pumpkin patches, harvest markets, and fall festivals.