24 Hours in Lisbon, Portugal: Here is How to Spend Them

Lisbon, Portugal
Photo by Tom Byrom on Unsplash

Have 24 hours in Lisbon, Portugal, but don’t know what to do with them? Don’t worry, we’ll give you some ideas that will make it the best day you ever had in a while.

Start Your Day with Pastel de Nata

You should start your day with breakfast to have enough energy for all the activities. Your best choice is pastel de nata, a delicious egg custard tart pastry that can be found on almost every corner in Lisbon.

Hop on Tram No. 28 and Enjoy the Views at Alfama

A ride on the iconic tram No. 28 is a must when you visit Lisbon. Find the nearest station, and hop on it before exiting in Alfama. The neighborhood is among the oldest parts of Lisbon and probably the most rewarding to explore. You’ll get to enjoy some breathtaking views, witness unusual sights, and get a more authentic feel of the city.

Walk to São Jorge Castle                                                  

From Alfama, you can walk to São Jorge Castle, one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. The site has been used as a settlement since the 1st century BC and offers an exciting experience regardless of whether you are a history buff or not.

Return to Alfama for Lunch

Alfama doesn’t only offer great views but is also a perfect place to have lunch. Pick a spot in one of its charming restaurants and get a taste of some classic Portuguese dishes like Bacalhau, Caldo Verde, or Arroz de Marisco.

See Marine Life Up Close at Oceanário de Lisboa

Oceanário de Lisboa is one of the biggest aquariums in Europe. It is home to 450 marine species, including penguins, sharks, sea otters, and more.

Go to Bairro Alto for a Best Night Out

Bairro Alto district is considered the hotspot of Lisbon’s nightlife. Whether you are interested in a quiet night at a bar or want to dance in a packed nightclub, Bairro Alto has something for you.