Top Free Things Tourists Can Do in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland
Photo by Frank Huang on Unsplash

Checking out free tourist attractions and activities while in Dublin, Ireland is always a great idea. This way, you will have some amazing experiences while also saving money you can later spend on beer. Check out some of the top free things tourists can do in Dublin.

Explore St Stephens Green

St Stephens Green is Dublin’s most iconic green space and a must-visit for any tourist. Surrounded by tall buildings and busy streets from all sides, this public park represents a true oasis in a concrete jungle. There is plenty of things to do here, from relaxing walks and picnic beside its lake to exploring its many monuments and statues.

Visit the National Museum of Ireland

The National Museum of Ireland offers free admission, making it a perfect place to enjoy a fulfilling day without spending money. The museum operates four divisions, three of which are located in Dublin: Archaeology, Natural History, and Decorative Arts and History. The Archaeology division focuses on displaying exhibits from Irish history while also having items from Ancient Egypt and various parts of the Roman Empire in its collection. The Natural History division focuses on the animal world, while the Decorative Arts and History division displays items like furniture, old money, weapons, and objects made from silver, ceramics, and glass.

Marvel at the Old Books at Chester Beatty

Chester Beatty won the title of European Museum of the Year in 2002, so you know you won’t regret visiting it, especially since it offers free admission. The museum displays old and rare books while also featuring manuscripts, prints, drawings, and various notable artifacts in its collection.