6 Facts About Brisbane You Should Know Before Heading There For A Holiday

Jamie McGlinchey on Unsplash

Brisbane is located in Australia and it is the capital city of the state Queensland, which is known as the “Sunshine state.” It is one of the oldest cities, and it was named after the Brisbane River, on which it is located. Are you heading to Brisbane for a holiday? Read these facts before you go!

1. The Aborigines called Brisbane the city of Meanjin which means “place shaped like a spake.”

2. During World War II, after the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7th, 1941, Brisbane became the busiest submarine port in the world. Many US boats were diverted to this Australian city.


3. Brisbane has 283 days of sunshine and the temperature in winter rarely goes below 18 °C.

4. Sir Charles Kingsford Smith in 1928 was the first man who flew across the Pacific Ocean. The journey ended in 83 hours and 38 minutes when he landed in Brisbane.

5. Brisbane is surrounded by misty blue hills and is known for its scenic beauty.

6. The capital of Queensland has an underground opera circuit with intimate performances. It has a capacity of 120 and it makes for a cozy experience.