8 Beautiful Little Beach Towns in The USA

Morro Bay, California. Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

America is a country full of wonders, but one wonder that people keep forgetting about is beach towns. A unique form of paradise, beach towns are an excellent mix of relaxed culture and beautiful nature. Why not enjoy your holidays in a peaceful little town that is kissed by the waves of the ocean on a daily basis?

Corolla, North Carolina

Southern hospitality and horses, what more could you really want?

Topsail Beach, North Carolina

When the South meets a tropical atmosphere, magical things happen.

Traverse City, Michigan

Wine trails, national parks, delicious food and a bustling community – travel goals.

Ogunquit, Maine

Ogunquit actually means a beautiful place by the sea, in the language of the native people. We wonder why…

Depoe Bay, Oregon

Lovely views, a natural harbor, and untouched nature – every man’s dream.

Jamestown, Rhode Island

This village near Newport is the best place for saltwater fishing in the country.


Hampton, New Hampshire

During the summer, this small town comes to life with a myriad of exciting events.

Morro Bay, California

When you step food into this paradise, you will see why people call it the “Gibraltar of the Pacific”.