8 of the Best European Destinations for Toddlers

Málaga, Spain. Image by elvis bekmanis on Unplash

Toddlers can be the best travel companions if you choose the right vacation. They can also be tricky if you take them to the wrong vacation stop. Why not allow both you and your little friend to have some fun, each in its own way? These are the best places to do so. You both deserve to have a blast!

Dalkney, Ireland

This quiet seaside town is both enticing and relaxing, allowing you to relax and watch your toddler while he plays around.’

Split, Croatia

The spirit of the Mediterranean is strong in this lovely town. The little guy will love the islands nearby.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tivoli Gardens will be the experience your toddler will never forget.

Málaga, Spain

While you bask in the sights and the history, the little guy will love all the street performers.

Vienna, Austria

Take your little boy your girl on the winter vacation of their dreams!


Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda is what you get when you mix amusement parks and untouched nature.

Munich, Germany

Lovely weather, spaces to play and even lovelier sausages and Paulaner beer!

Aeolian Islands, Italy

There is nothing that toddlers like more than boats!