Denmark: Beautiful and Eco-Friendly Country

Image by Roman Boed/Flickr

With its beautiful landscape, clean and eco-friendly environment, Denmark has become a favorite travel destination for many tourists.

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is famous for its architecture, the great nightlife, and the fun tourist experience. It may be more expensive than other cities, but it is totally worth it.

The second biggest city of Denmark, Aarhus, known for its artistic and cultural side. It is considered a major college town, with tons of restaurants and bars.

If you have a passion for history, then you should definitely stop by Roskilde. It has famous monuments such as the cathedral, churches, and museums.

Danes love the outdoors. There is a lot of biking and hiking going on in the country. There are plenty of hiking trails throughout Denmark and are strongly recommended!

While the weather can be a little tricky, Denmark has nice beaches that are getting densely populated during the months of the summer.

Furthermore, Danes have a very organized, yet fun lifestyle. They believe in enjoying life and not spending it in their office behind a computer. So, as long as you are not getting into the wrong bike lane, Danes are extremely kind to tourists.

With its Medieval Viking charm, you will definitely want to come back after visiting once. And also, make sure to charge your camera before getting there, you will have plenty of beautiful things to photograph all over the country.