Are Free Museum Days Truly Worth It?

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Tickets at some of the world’s leading museums don’t come cheap, and some people rely on free museum days to see them. They can be offered anywhere between once a month to a few times a year, but are they really worth the fuss?

Free Museums Days – Pros

When you’re a solo traveler exploring the world on a budget, paying $30 or more for a museum ticket may seem like a fortune because you can book a night (or a few!) at a hostel with that money.

Doing some research and figuring out if a museum you want to check out offers free tickets is worth the gamble, but it won’t always work. Even if the museum you want to visit offers free tickets, they might only do it on certain dates, so you’ll have to plan your trip around them.

Free Museums Days – Cons

The biggest downside of free museum days are endless queues that you’ll have to deal with if you want to get in. If the admission is super-expensive, you should consider waiting, but you won’t always have enough time at your disposal. If you’re only visiting a city for a day or two, time is a luxury and it’s better to pay for a ticket on a regular day than wait in line for hours.