A Few Fun, Feline Friendly Ways to Explore Athens

One of the best parts about going on vacation is the freedom to let go of your reality and enjoy a little bit of time off from the real world. But let’s be honest, whether you’re out on an amazing ski trip in Aspen, Colorado, or halfway across the world, riding around the beautiful city of Rome, Italy on a Vespa, it’s always hard to leave your fur babies at home. While there are many places around the globe that have cat cafes, there’s one particular city that offers diverse and unique experiences with cats – Athens, Greece.

If you’re more into interacting with the cute kitties around the area, with one of the local residents, then the Airbnb sponsored tour “Cats of Acropolis” is just for you! According to the tour’s site, the tour starts at the Acropolis and walk through several parks and the city. Along the way, you can meet cute kitties around the city. And on top of that, a good portion of the proceeds go towards taking care of these sweet strays.

If you’re looking to really learn about the history of the area while enjoying some friendly felines along the way, then the self-guided audio walking tour “On the Prowl: The Cats of Athens” is your best option. You’ll find the tour on the Clio Muse mobile app where it’s described as a tour that’s “based on, and dedicated to, the beautiful cats of Athens.” This tour takes you to Anafiotika, ancient Agora, Byzantine church, madrasa and more.

The astonishing city of Athens in Greece is full of so much history, culture, and activities to partake in, and having so many little furry friends around just makes the experience that much more unique for animal lovers.