A Guide to George Town’s Street Art In Malaysia

Photo by Anelale Nájera on Unsplash

George Town is located in the Pulau Pinang region in Malasia. It’s famous for the work of the street artist Ernest Zacharevic. The walls of the town are flanked by captivating murals portraying a number of dreamlike images. These murals have captured the imagination of many a curious traveler. They use a number of different media to really bring the town to life. If you’re interested in experiencing this street art for yourself, here’s what you can find.

Children on a Bicycle

This is one of the most famous images in Penang. It portrays young siblings riding on a bicycle. While the two children are painted onto the wall as a two-dimensional image, the bicycle is a real three-dimensional object. This evokes the delightful and at the same time slightly eerie sense that there is a world of images living just on the other side of our own reality.

Reaching Boy

This image of a boy reaching from a chair continues the theme of alternative reality. We have the sense that there is another world unfolding just out of our sight. When you turn round to look at it, it freezes.


Here it feels like you can play with the phantom children. Release your inner child and bleed into the walls with them. Few towns in the world can offer this kind of experience.