A Guide To Montreal In 3 Days

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

Montreal is a beautiful city that always has lots going on. If you’ve only got a short time to see the city, you obviously won’t be able to see it all, but you can fit a whole lot in. Here’s our 3-day guide to make the most out of your trip.

Day One

Begin by walking up the iconic street of St Laraunt. It’s filled with colorful murals and quirky shops and cafes. Walk up towards Mont Royal, a lovely park which overlooks the city. When you’ve recovered from the walk there, brave the walk up the “mountain” which will take you about fifteen minutes. Check out the beaver damn (which is signposted) then enjoy spectacular views of the city at the top.


After so much walking you are probably starving. Head to La Banquise to experience some of the finest poutine in the city. There might be a queue but it’s worth the wait. In the evening, head to Jardin Gamelin where there will almost definitely be something exciting going on.


Fancy a bar? Try L’escalier for jazzy vibes and great company.

Day Two

Today it’s time to check out the island. Walk along the eclectic street of St Catherines and cross the bridge by foot. It’s a great walk and you’ll get some great pictures. When you get to the other side, you’ll get a fantastic skyline view of the city. You can easily spend the day walking around the natural islands and exploring.


If you want something a little more exciting, then head to La Ronde. It’s a fantastic theme park and it’s on the islands, so you won’t have to cross back over to the mainland.

Fancy a bar? Head back to the mainland for Dieu du Ciel! for a brewery with a wonderful selection of beer.

Day Three

On your last day, it’s time to check out the Old Port. You will feel more like you are in Europe than North America and will be spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants. Today is also your chance to check out the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts or any other museums and galleries you are interested in.

In the evening, it’s essential to experience Cirque De Soleil for a magnificent performance which will blow you away.