A Passenger Shared Her Emergency Plane Evacuation on TikTok

No one wants to think about their flight having an emergency landing. When flight attendants do their demonstration just before take-off, is anyone actually listening?

Well, whether she was or wasn’t, a TikTok user was forced to evacuate the plane along with her fellow passengers and recorded the entire thing. 

@johniquec Soooo this happened the other day on my flight with delta 😩 crazy experience honestly so thankful that it wasnt worse that it was #atlantaairport #deltaairlines #emergencyexit #anxietyrush #thankful ♬ original sound – Kamari Mommy💙

“Come forward. Come this way,” a Delta Air Lines stewardess can be heard saying as passengers proceeded toward the emergency slide in the video. “Come this way. Leave everything. Jump and slide.”

The situation occurred at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport where the plane burst a flat tire from landing too hard. As a result, the crew of Delta Air Lines flight 1437 were forced to deploy emergency slides for passengers to deplane. 

The TikToker, johniquec, posted a video of herself going down the chute, and it looks rather… fun?

It seems we weren’t the only ones who thought so, as one user commented, “Knowing the person I am… I would’ve asked to slide again.”

“Your laugh when you’re doing down is everything,” wrote another; to which the original poster responded, “it was so fast going down , thought i was gone fly pass the men [catching passengers]!”

We’re glad everyone is safe.