A Taste of Venice: Skye McAlpine Breaks Down the Italian Kitchen

Skye McAlpine’s Instagram page lies at the intersection between lifestyle, travel, and food, making us both hungry and jealous. Based between London and Venice, McAlpine has fallen in love with Venitian cooking, turning her passion into a full-time job. Author of A Table in Venice and A Table for Friends, McAlpine breaks down the Italian kitchen into simple, tasty dishes that you too can take on.

With many recipes featuring a short list of ingredients, these are dishes for everyone to make and enjoy, from Almond Paste Croissants and Chocolate and Amaretti Custard to Tagliolini with Prawns, Courgettes and Saffron and Roast Duck Legs with Plums (is your mouth watering already?).

“I find Venice a very inspiring city,” McAlpin shared in an interview with Khoollect. “Quite often I will go for a walk early in the mornings and there’s something about the beautiful buildings, watching the pink sunrise over the water, the sound of church bells ringing in the background and the sweet scent of freshly baking pastries that floods out of the bakeries first thing, that puts me in a wonderful mood for the rest of the day.”

And until traveling to Italy is permitted, we can experience Venice through our taste buds. “During lockdown, more than ever meals have come to punctuate our days,” wrote McAlpine in a recent Instagram post, reminding of the joy of cooking. “They’re something to look forward to, to plan for, to cook for, and then to enjoy together. We spring from breakfast to lunch to dinner – and then start again the next day.”