Experience Italy Through Kimberly Cammerata’s Watercolor Paintings

The rules on traveling to Italy have changed several times in the past month, and while some tourism is allowed, other journeys are allowed with quarantine, while others are altogether forbidden. According to the Italian government’s statistics bureau, six million US travelers choose Italy for their vacation each year. But as the US is still deemed high risk, there’s no choice but to postpone our vacation.

In the mean time, we can take comfort in the watercolor impressions of Sicilian painter, Kimberly Cammerata. Inspired by her travels around Italy, Cammerata captures with great detail the Italian landscape and cityscape. “Many of my clients have been to Italy and they tell me that I capture the sparkle and the detail of what it’s like to be there,” she relayed in an interview with Artnote. “This makes me so happy because it is exactly what I set out to do!”

Indeed, her paintings allow you to experience La Dolce Vita without doing the actual legwork. “I love to immerse myself in the nuances that make a place unique,” says Cammerata. “To me, the details bring the painting to life and make it identifiable as a specific place. This is important, because I actually travel to each location, observe and study it to accurately portray its essence.”

If you love Italy but haven’t been there, Cammerata’s work is a chance to experience a little bit of Italy from the comfort of your home. Until traveling is permitted, that is…