A Winter Vacation In Egypt

The weather is getting colder, and we are looking for a warm place to spend our holiday. Egypt is a great destination, and if you have not visited there yet—a pleasant surprise awaits you.

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is currently home to more than 12 million people and offers many tourist attractions.

Near Cairo are the Pyramids of Giza. This site, which is a must for any visitor to Egypt, also houses the famous Sphinx.

There are also spectacular archeological sites in Luxor, south of Cairo. Here it is worth visiting the Great Temple of Trust. 

South of Luxor is the city of Aswan. Here you will find the huge dam built on the Nile. 

For those looking for a quality beach holiday, it is recommended to visit the Sinai Peninsula, which offers a relaxed and peaceful beach experience. Important tourist sites include the monastery of Santa Catarina, Dhab, and Ras Muhammad beach—where the coral reefs are some of the most beautiful and rich in the world.

At the other end of Egypt, on the Mediterranean coast, is the city of Alexandria, which was founded in 332 BC by Alexander the Great, after whom it is named.