Activities to Bring on the Plane

Plane activities
Photo by Ethan Hu on Unsplash

Plane rides are one of the few times in this day and age where we’re disconnected from the internet. As soon as you put your phone in airplane mode, you’re cut off from your news feed and need to find something else to do besides scroll. Luckily there are several plane-friendly activities that fit well in a backpack, and here are a few.

Read a Book

The most common and most obvious is, of course, to bring something to read. Plane rides are a great opportunity to catch up on your favorite novel, magazine, or newspaper. Just stick a paperback in your bag and then you’ve got some entertainment for wherever you are, anytime you need to wait around.


Adult coloring books have become a trend, often with more complicated designs like mandalas or detailed drawings. Many people find focusing on something like coloring an intricate design to be relaxing and meditative, and you get to use your creative skills and make something beautiful as well. Buy yourself a pack of colored pencils or markers to carry around, and empty your mind during your plane ride by coloring.

Rubik’s Cube or Other Puzzles

If you like working your puzzling muscles in your free time, try bringing a Rubik’s cube or another 3D contained puzzle to work on during the ride. They are small and convenient to carry around, and can occupy you for long stretches of time without getting boring.