Air New Zealand Now Offers “Mystery Breaks”

Many people around the world had to cancel their travel plans this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. If you want to travel somewhere so much it doesn’t even matter where, there’s an interesting opportunity launched by Air New Zealand.

New Zealand’s airline recently unveiled a program called the Mystery Break. The plan is to take travelers on an adventure of a lifetime without giving away the destination upfront.

The Mystery Break works like this: people who want to go on an adventure pay a flat fee and select the desired dates. They get assigned a destination randomly (but they can mention upfront if they don’t want a certain destination) from a list of 20 airline routes. They only find out where they are going two days before the trip.

The prices range from NZ $599 to $1,629 per person (2-3 nights). The more expensive arrangements include a stay in a 5-star hotel with breakfast and dinner.

New Zealand is one of the countries with the best Covid-19 responses. Thanks to that, its citizens are now free to travel locally without the fear of spreading the virus.