How to Plan Socially Distant Museum Visit

Are museum visits your favorite part of traveling, and you can’t imagine a single trip without one? Going to a museum looks different in the era of social distancing, and here are a few things you should keep in mind during your visit.

Stay Informed

You shouldn’t assume that all the museums are open just because some of them are. Before planning your visit, check if the museum you want to visit is open.

Respect the Rules

Plan your museum visit with the social distancing rules in mind. Face coverings are a must, but if you can’t imagine spending hours indoors this way, plan which exhibitions you want to see in advance.

Good Timing

It’s relatively easy to social distance inside a museum, but there are still ways to avoid the crowds. Mornings usually aren’t that busy, and you won’t be surrounded by a lot of people if you plan your visit before noon.

Consider Virtual Tours

Virtual museum tours are one of the biggest travel trends of the year. If the museum you want to visit isn’t open, or you don’t feel safe going, check if there’s a virtual tour you can enjoy online.