Airbnb’s CEO Thinks That Hosts Are Overcharging

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Airbnbs have become an entity unto themselves, and the big boss is not pleased about it…

When Brian Chesky co-founded the company with his friend Joe Gebbia in 2008, it was based on an idea to put an air mattress in their living room and creating a makeshift bed and breakfast. The simple concept has since grown into a business worth around $9 billion.

Over the years, millions of people have signed up as hosts, opening their homes to strangers. Yet, not all hosts are fit for the task and it has left a blemish on Airbnb’s reputation.

Many travelers feel that hosts charge too much to rent a room in their home, and that going to a hotel is better and cheaper. After all, hotels don’t expect guests to do chores or charge additional cleaning fees.

After analyzing millions of customer service complaints and social media posts, Chesky is trying to improve the platform. For example, the cleaning fee is now included in the price you see.

The CEO’s advice is for hosts to look at the going rate for hotels in their area when proving their properties “so they have a sense of what travelers are getting on other platforms.”