Things You Should Know Before Visiting Paraguay

Aregua, Asunción, Paraguay
Aregua, Asunción, Paraguay. Photo by David Ress on Unsplash

Paraguay draws millions of tourists each year with its stunning natural landscapes, intriguing cultural heritage, and remarkable cuisine, among other things. But if you are planning to become one of them, there are some things you should know before going there.

Money Exchanges Are Picky About US Dollar Bills

The best currency to have in Paraguay, besides the country’s guaraní, is the US dollar. It is easiest to exchange, and lots of businesses will accept payment in dollars. However, if you plan on exchanging them, make sure to have pristine bills because money exchanges will reject any US dollar bills that have damage to them, even if it’s a slight tear.

You Need to Have an ID With You at All Times

It is recommended that you always carry some form of ID on you, because you might be required to show it before access to some areas or during random checks. Also, most businesses will ask for an ID if you are paying with your credit card.

Not a Lot of People Speak English

English speakers can be hard to come by in Paraguay, especially outside the country’s biggest cities like Asuncion and Ciudad del Este. The majority of the population speaks Spanish and the indigenous Guaraní language, while northern parts of Paraguay see Portuguese as the dominant language. Get familiar with some basic Spanish phrases before visiting.

Infrastructure is Underwhelming

Overall, infrastructure across the country, even in major cities, leaves a lot to be desired. The roads are in bad condition, tap water is usually not safe to drink, and the internet can often be slow. Also, don’t expect the comfiest accommodation or everything to work flawlessly. You should encounter more than a few challenges, but they are well worth the experience you’re getting with your visit to Paraguay.