Ajaccio – The Forgotten France

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Everyone loves the Mediterranean – the climate is great, the people are friendly and it has great food! In this article, we will explore the marvelous city of Ajaccio, the capital of the French Mediterranean island Corsica.  

There are many reasons to visit this stunning island. Firstly, it’s famous for its beautiful forests and great coast. The capital Ajaccio, located on the south-western coast of the island, is a lovely small town, home of around 70,000 people. The town is known for its rich history since this island has been an important stop on the Mediterranean sea routes for centuries. As different cultures influenced this city, it developed into a great mix of architectural and cultural styles making it a truly unique place. 

The locals are always friendly and approachable and making your way around the city is a delight. Here you can learn about the life of Emperor Napoleon since Ajaccio was his birthplace.  

Ajaccio is also famous for its delicious cuisine which formed under the influence of the neighboring French and Italian cuisines, making the town one of the best places a foodie can visit. It’s especially famous for the many boar meat delicacies that you should definitely try!