The Most Magical Wedding Venue In Thailand

Photo by Marc A. Sporys on Unsplash

Aube Wedding Venue is a popular wedding location in the suburban area of Bangkok, Thailand. It was built in 2019 by PHTAA Living Design and nominated for Entertainment Venue Of The Year, due to its impeccable aesthetics and a design that’s made to be completely flexible to accommodate a variety of religions and cultures, mixing traditional and modern in a unique way.

Since Thai weddings traditionally have a pre-engagement procession called Khan Maak, where the groom and party must pass through ‘golden’ or ‘silver gates’ in order to reach the bride, the design includes a walkway running along the western edge of the building, ending with the engagement room. 

However, the venue itself honors Thailand’s history of borrowing and mixing cultures, and this is why the building itself was built to host many different types of weddings, including western elements as well. The deconstructed arches give the building a modern image that is completely open to interpretation.

Nowadays, weddings have become an opportunity for photographing, which is a big part of the venue’s design. White curved walls and cut-outs serve as a blank canvas and a perfect backdrop for stunning wedding photos. The curved geometry creates a play of light, which can add interesting textures and shapes. The soft draped white curtains create a sensual space that reflects the building’s name, Aube, which means ‘hug’.

The two main internal spaces are the main wedding hall and the engagement hall. The engagement hall holds 150 people and is separated from the main hall by the ‘bouquet throwing’ courtyard which features a beautiful sculptural staircase. The main hall is delicately decorated with a corniced ceiling and can hold up to 290 people.