Check Out the World’s Largest Metro Systems

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

If you find yourself traveling in a big city, a metro system will likely be your biggest ally in getting around relatively easily and inexpensively.

Do you love metro systems as we do? Well, you have to travel around the world to check out these systems, the biggest and most extensive ones on the planet.

Shanghai Metro (China)

The Shanghai Metro is the most extensive on Earth, covering 420 miles and with 345 total stations. It’s no surprise that the world’s second-most populous city would have such a huge system.

Beijing Subway (China)

The Beijing Subway is nearly as extensive as the Shanghai system, and it even has more riders on an annual basis, with 3.8 billion annual riders. It’s a gargantuan system and is essential for navigating the Chinese capital.

Guangzhou Metro (China)

This relatively new system, which opened in 1997, covers nearly 300 total miles. This metro system is modern, and slick, helping yet another massive Chinese city’s residents get around with relative ease.

London Underground (United Kingdom)

The Tube is the fourth-largest metro system in the world. With classic phrases such as “Mind the Gap!” already embedded in world pop culture, The Underground has 270 stations that cover 250 total miles of tracks.