Save Money on Baggage Fees by Following These Three Steps

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

Flying has many upsides when compared to traveling by train or a bus, but it doesn’t come cheap. Things tend to get even trickier once you get expensive baggage fees to the mix, but it’s possible to avoid them as long as you follow our advice.

Compare Prices

It’s possible to find extremely cheap plane prices if you opt for budget airlines, but there’s a catch. Checked-in luggage comes with extra fees, and your ticket may be more expensive than you anticipated, so check the prices of “regular” airlines before booking your flight.

Right Measurements

Here’s another tricky part – different airlines may have different rules when it comes to luggage size. This especially applies to carry-ons, so make sure to check their requirements and pick the suitcase with the right measurements.

Packing Light

Speaking of carry-ons – traveling with one is the easiest way to save some cash. They’re usually included in the price, or cost the least, so master the art of traveling light by planning your outfits beforehand and doing laundry along the way during shorter trips.