Alexa Matthews Will Show You the Latest and Greatest in New York’s Food Scene

We were happy to learn that indoor dining is returning to New York City—as restaurants and bars open over multiple phases. According to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, restaurants can resume indoor service on September 30th at 25% capacity and with other safety precautions in place.

But one eternal question remains: where shall we eat? Professional eater and New York native Alexa Matthews is here for the rescue. Born and raised in New York, and with a background in hospitality, social media, and communications, Matthews’ keen understanding of the industry has been essential to her success when working with brands across different sectors.

Listed as one of the top 30 people in food by AdWeek in 2016 and featured by CNNMoney, Wall Street Journal, and Cosmopolitan, amongst others, Matthews knows what she’s talking about.

“I was a writer for a lifestyle website, and I fell into food writing and immediately loved it,” she explained. “Eating NYC was a great outlet to compliment the restaurants I was writing about at work. At the time, food Instagram wasn’t such a huge thing—a lot has changed since then! I fell in love with the industry and got a bit more experience in restaurant and chef marketing and PR roles before making the exciting decision a year ago to go full-time with Eating NYC. And it’s been great!

“My account is all about showing you the latest and greatest in New York—it’s my duty to be your loyal, trustworthy guide,” she adds. “A lot of my followers are young women in New York, and I’m posting my pictures through a young, female lens. Integrity is really important—I go to restaurants of interest, because I want to keep my finger on the pulse, which often means paying for the food and if I like it, I tell my followers about it.”

Stay hungry, and stay safe.

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We will get through this.

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