All The Reasons You Should Visit Japan

Hakone, 神奈川県 日本
Photo by Syuhei Inoue on Unsplash

Japan is one of those countries that has an untouchable reputation. There are so many amazing attractions within its borders that can entice a traveler, and we’re about to dive into a few of them. So if you’re thinking about visiting Japan, here are a handful of awesome things that should tip the scales in favor of going there.

Incredible History and Tradition

When you arrive in a country, a very interesting thing happens. You don’t just see all of the amazing attractions on the surface. You also sense a very deep energy below the surface. This deep energy reflects on the incredible culture, tradition, and history that lives within the country. Japan has a fascinating cultural history, and you’ll surely be moved when you arrive there.

The Cuisine

If you’re a sushi lover, is there really any question as to what food you’ll be eating when you’re in Japan. The originators of sushi itself, you’ll be in heaven as you hop from one authentic sashimi bar to another. Just be sure not to ask for teriyaki sauce, because authentic sushi spots don’t always believe in that.

Natural Beauty

There are a countless countries out there that boast startling natural beauty, but Japan truly is something unique. Just a mere walk through the popular bamboo forests will be enough to make your entire trip worthwhile.