Amazing Souvenirs You Should Take Home from Alaska

Small village in Alaska
Photo by Drew Dempsey on Unsplash

There’s something that sets Alaska apart from every other state in the U.S., and its souvenirs are as unique as the state itself. If you ever find yourself embarking on a trip across the Last Frontier, here are some amazing souvenirs you should bring back home to your loved ones.

Birch Syrup

Do you want to take a taste of Alaska home with you, but packing Alaskan salmon in your suitcase isn’t an option? A jar of birch syrup is your best bet, and you can use it to top everything from ice cream to pancakes.

Ulu Knife

Strong and versatile, Ulu knives have been used by Alaskan Natives for centuries. This multi-purpose knife is the best possible souvenir you could buy in Alaska. Even if you don’t intend to use it, its interesting shape makes it a great décor piece.

Wooden Bear Claws

If you have friends who enjoy hosting dinner parties, a pair of salad servers shaped as bear claws are the perfect gift to bring home from Alaska.

Jade Jewelry

If you’re a huge fan of jewelry, you should buy some in Alaska, as well—as long as it’s made with jade. This mineral was used by the Natives to make everything from tools to jewelry, and you can now find it at pretty much every souvenir shop.