An Honest Review Of… Rome, Italy

Photo by Caleb Miller on Unsplash

Rome is magnificent. The moment you step inside the city center, you are filled with the feeling that you are somewhere very special. The Colosseum is every bit as wonderful as the postcards suggest, and every street you turn into houses some of the most impressive buildings we’ve ever seen.

In Rome, the police are strict when it comes to street performers. Consequently, the buskers we encountered were some of the most talented and unique we have ever seen. The city squares are filled with music and giant bubbles. Everywhere has a unique atmosphere, and it made us feel alive.

When it comes to shopping, there are designer outlets in between the city’s iconic architectural sites. We stepped inside a gorgeous store and recoiled in horror when we saw a single T-shirt priced at 500 Euros ($562). For a moment though, we got to pretend that we were members of the elite, and it was wonderful.

The Vatican is every bit as special as we had hoped. The museum is filled with the most impressive artwork we have ever seen and Michelangelo’s iconic painted ceiling at the Sistine Chapel took our breath away.

When we finished with the elitist artwork, we headed to Ostiense to enjoy some sensational street art. While we were there, we swung by the Cat cafe and were surprised to see an actual pyramid by the Metro.

All in all, Rome is full of surprises and has a unique atmosphere. It would be lovely to come back with unlimited money, but even on a budget, the city is a treasure chest. From the Trevi fountain to a man on the streets playing pipes, there is so much to enjoy and experience in Italy’s capital city.