An Honest Review Of… San Francisco, California

Photo by Ragnar Vorel on Unsplash

Going to California for the first time is extremely exciting. After all, the state is the subject of some of the most well-known songs from America’s most popular artists. During the taxi ride to my hostel, I was buzzing with excitement.

The first thing I noticed was the fog, which makes it difficult to get a feel of the city. As we neared the center, I could make out some of the buildings, which were bigger than I expected. The other thing I noticed is that San Francisco is very hilly, which I had heard before, but didn’t realize the full extent of it.

The hostel I was staying at is a short walk from Union Square. I was surprised by just how many homeless people there are in the area and how aggressive some of them can be. Most people I interacted with were lovely, though, and there are plenty of bars around for meeting new friends.

Another day, I went to an Over 21 event at the Science Museum, and I was blown away by the planetarium, aquarium, and the concept of drinking cocktails and listening to live music in a museum of science.

The Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park did not disappoint, but it was the city’s unique character that had me hooked. Entering Haight Ashbury felt like going back in time to 1960s California, and when I entered a vintage shop, the shop assistants covered me with glitter and showered me with compliments. I walked out with a pair of blue dungarees and a big smile on my face.

I spent a month in San Francisco, but felt like I have so much more to learn about the city. There is so much happening at all times, and just like the weather, it is impossible to keep up.