Are You Brave Enough to Explore Greenland?

Greenland. Full of breathtaking spots.
Photo by Filip Gielda on Unsplash

Are you looking for a vacation destination where the extraordinary is ordinary? A vacation destination where you won’t find fancy hotels or five-star restaurants? Where nature rules and civilization scarcely exists?

Greenland is an autonomous territory of the Kingdom of Denmark and the largest island on Earth. While much of Greenland consists of ice sheets that are non-visitable, there are some excellent spots to check out if you want to get a taste of the Arctic.

When visiting Greenland, you will want to stick to the areas that are close to the coast. Here is where you will find some truly unforgettable spots to see.

Whale-watching and ice fjords can both be accessed via cruises along the island’s coast. Disko Bay is the site of much of this activity, where the region’s towns also offer a fascinating look at Inuit culture.

Inuit culture and Viking ruins are much of the cultural heritage that you will find on the island of Greenland. However, if that doesn’t strike your fancy, keep in mind that natural phenomena like the Aurora Borealis and geothermal hot springs are other potential opportunities to check out while visiting this territory.

Why not dive deep and explore what you want to do in order to plan your dream vacation to this natural paradise? It is sure to surprise.